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Francien Krieg

"Precious bodies" an artbook about the beauty of old age


Image of "Precious bodies" an artbook about the beauty of old age

Book: female nude of the elderly
At Galerie Bonnard in Nuenen, visual artist Francien Krieg presents her book Precious Bodies at the end of november. The ageing female nude on canvas.

Precious Bodies is the painterly research of Francien Krieg (1973) into the aging female body. Of older women we usually see no more than the drawn face, the curved figure, their lived-on work hands. Female nude on age is rarely seen on canvas. Krieg breaks through a taboo with her work.

In her youth, Krieg became a compelling participant of her father's obsession with death. Later that fascination became hers: "The tangible and unpalatable of the body, the familiar and the distance I feel to my body." At the art academy she was interested in the human body and created sculptural installations from meat, with skin as clothing. The sudden death of a good friend strengthened the mistrust of her body. Acceptance of her transience became a quest in her art and eventually took shape in the painting of older women.

The work of Krieg was never seen in book form before. In addition, some models in this book testify to the process they are going through. From doubt to triumphant posing: we can be there, with that old body of us. A similar ambivalence comes to people who see this work, according to reactions in the book.
In her contribution, art historian Greet Schuit-Hamming emphasizes the extraordinary paintings of Francien Krieg's paintings: 'The display of the reality of old age gives her work a unique power. It is a form of rebellion that disrupts and moves people. '

During the festive book presentation, Leo van Lien, former director of Museum van Lien in Fijnaart, will give an introduction. This museum has some of Krieg's works in his collection.
Moreover, the duo Borgers & Breukers, at home in ancient blues and country, will perform some appropriate songs.
The presentation will take place on Sunday, November 25th at Galerie Bonnard, Berg 9, Nuenen.
The walk-in is from 3.30 pm with the official opening at 3 pm. Of course Krieg herself is present and there is also work of her to see.

Precious bodies is published by Van Spijk Publishers in Venlo, which is already available on Sunday and available in the bookstore. It counts 144 pages with more than 60 images and costs 29.50 euros.

Contact details with Francien Krieg: francienkrieg@gmail.com / 0651247598
Contact Van Spijk publishers in Venlo: vanspijkvenlo@gmail.com

Contact gallery Bonnard: www.galeriebonnard.com / david_vander_linden@me.com